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Jun Yamaguchi / All Composition works list

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 TitleYear of composeInstrumentationDuration The premiere was given in
1The Ceremony in criticality field19916 Perc13'Tokyo
2Incarnation II1992Org12'Kawasaki
3Geppaku no toh - Distance between two existence1993 (rev. 1994)Sho, 6 Perc15'Kawasaki (first version), Tokyo (revised version)
4Density of breezing air I1995Fl, Cl, Trbn, Vibr, Pf10'Tama, Tokyo
5The ruins of the sanctuary of God of the fire were destroyed by fire1995Sho, Fl, Hp18'Tokyo
6Incarnation IV1996Pf12'Tokyo
7SACRIFICE19962 Vn6'Yamaguchi
8Incarnation V1996Trp (Zephyros,Pf)22'Yokohama
9Density of breezing air II1996Ten-Sax, Vn, Perc, Pf8'Tokyo
10A Garden With Turning Breezes No.11997Sho, Fl(Bass-Fl), Cl, Vn, Vc, Perc, Pf15'Yamaguchi
11String Quartet No.119972Vn, Va, Vc15'Tokyo
12Morphogenesis I - Dance(s) No.11998Sop, Tape(Sampling sound)20'Yokohama
13Dance(s) No.21998Trbn, Cb16'Tokyo
14Dance(s) No.3 / Lamentation1998 - 99Sop, Str-Orch(5vn, 2Va, 2Vc, Cb)8'Tokyo
15Interlude - prayer and fetal movement / rest on the basis of unfinished requiem composed by Yori-Aki Matsudaira1999Org22'Matsumoto, Nagano
16mUsIc fOr pIAnO wIth OUt pIAnIst1999Tape(Sampling sound)2' 55"Pisa, Italy
17Song album "Issho Kando Issho Seishun (Impression and youth are stretched along our life)" (Mitsuo Aida)1999Sop, Pf9'Tokyo
18The cause of disposition (Collaborated with Masahiko Kurashima, Visual artist)2000Video(Visual art), Tape(Sampling sounds)15' 05"Tokyo
19A Garden With Turning Breezes No.22000Sho, Vn10'Tokyo
20Stillness Dance(s)2000Pf11'Tokyo
21Reflection elastic2000Tape(Sampling sound)9' 50"Tokyo
22Koi-Uta (Love Song)2002Koto, Tape(Sampling sound)12'Osaka
23Vision(s) of "Ito (Strings)"2003Koto8'Osaka
24String Quartet No.2 - In memory of September 11, 2001 in New York -20032Vn, Va, Vc10'Tokyo
25Tenchi-Yuraku (Both Heaven and ground are filled with sound of exquisite beauty)2004Koto, Pf12'Osaka
26Camera obscura (Music for collaborated work by Koji Mizuta, contemporary dance and Satoru Yoshioka, Visual art)2005Computer, Pf (improvisation)60'Kochi
27Unryu Fantasia2006Fl4'Kamakura, Kanagawa
28Koi-Uta (Love Song) No.2 (Collaborated with Satomi Kinoshita, Visual art)2006Video(Visual art), Electric sounds4'Fukuoka
29La Folia2006Video(Visual art), Electric sounds5' 50"Kanan town, Osaka
30Vision(s) of "Ito (Strings)" No.22006Pf, Electric sounds6'Kyoto
31Dies irae - Lacrimosa2007Video(Visual art), Electric sounds7'Kanan town, Osaka
32Colored Vision(s)2012Fl10'Tokyo
33Fragmentary passage of contemporized "B" (Look over The Beatles from 21st century)2013Pf (4 hands)5'Kawasaki
3434 repudiations (from Muryo-gi-kyo sutra Vol. 1 ”Tokugyohon")2014Pf13'Tokyo
35Colored Vision(s) No.22015Pf10' - 15' (indefinite)Tokyo
36Evam Maya Srutam -String Quartet No.3 - 20162Vn, Va, Vc8'(No premire)
37Sange2016Concert band4'(No premire)
38Constructed breezes2016Vn, Vibr11'(No premire)
39Childhood Lonely Hearts Club (Look over The Beatles from 21st century)2016Pf6'Kawasaki